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As a leader in the semiconductor parts industry,
Worldex is growing into a world-class parts and materials company
with its accumulated technology and capability.

Company Worldex Industry & Trading Co., Ltd.
CEO Johng Sik Bae
Establishment January 17, 2000
Business Areas Manufacturing of Semiconductor & Display materials and consumable parts
  • Materials
  • Silicon Ingot & Quartz

    Alumina(Al₂O₃), YAS(Y₂O₃-Al₂O₃-SiO₂)

    Sintered-SiC, RB-SiC, CVD-SiC

    Silicon Nitride (Si₃N₄)

    Aluminium Nitride(AlN)

    Target Material

  • Parts
  • Silicon Parts (Electrode / Ring / Others)

    Quartz Parts

    Fine Ceramic Parts

    Others (Target, Arm, etc.)

  • Headquarters
  • 53-77 4-Gongdan-ro 7-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongbuk (Gupo-dong)
  • Goa Factory
  • 42 Hyanggok-7-gil, Goa-eup, Gumi-si, Gyeongbuk
  • Marketing
  • #3107, Tower Bldg., Heungdeuk IT Valley, 13 Heungdeuk-1-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do