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Johng Sik Bae

Greetings to our respected shareholders and partners.

Established in 2000, Worldex Co., Ltd. specializes in semiconductor parts with its flagship business being manufacture of consumable parts used for semiconductor etching processing.
Built on domestic and overseas reliability of Worldex and the global reputation of its subsidiary WCQ, we present extensive product coverage and a comprehensive production system from materials to parts processing for a range of diverse products including Si, SiC, Alumina and AlN.
With these capabilities, we realize synergy effects and process efficiency across price competitiveness, quality, lead time and cost reduction and strive to become a market leader through a network of more than 250 global customers.

Our company lays the foundation for engineers with dreams to focus on basic industrial technology, provides customer satisfaction through continuous R&D and quality innovation, and continues to make improvements based on a customer-centered structure. We are determined to respond quickly to market changes and to foresee our customers’ needs with our open R&D capabilities.
Rather than pursuing the simple profit of a company, we are committed to becoming a company that plays a crucial part in a corporate’s social responsibility by focusing investment on core businesses that are the foundation of the national basic industry.

Fearless of failure, we will implement challenging executions in becoming a global leader through continuous innovation,
and never cease to exert our best efforts as a Global Innovation Pioneer & Value Creator in the field of semiconductor processing parts.

We kindly ask for your prolonged encouragement and support.