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Quartz is widely used as parts material in semiconductor and solar power industries due to its outstanding high temperature stability, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. In the processing of semiconductors, Quartz-parts are used in the Etching and Diffusion process due to its characteristic of highly purified quartz glass fiber
and our Quartz-parts are primarily used in the Etching process.
Key Quarts-parts manufactured from our company include Rings (Focus Ring, 2-step Ring), GDP, Bell Jar, Caps, etc.

Quartz Ring

Focus Ring

2-step Ring

Other Ring

Product Name Focus Ring 2-step Ring Other Ring
Product Description ESC protection and Plasma density control Role of controlling Plasma pressure Role of controlling internal Gas pressure
Application Semiconductor Oxide Etch
Type Inner Focus Ring
Top Edge Ring
Cover Ring
Shield Ring
Combo Ring
Confinement Ring
Wap Ring
Pressure Control Ring

Quartz Tube, Boat, Others

Quartz Tube

Quartz Boat

Quartz other parts

Product Name Quartz Tube Quartz Boat Quartz other parts
Product Description Role of protecting external contamination and Gas channel Role of container for transportation to the high temperature substance melting and wafer process Electrodes for diffusion of GAS
Application Entire semiconductor structure Dry Etch Diffusion process of semiconductor Entire semiconductor structure
Type Inner Tube
Protect Tube
Gas feed Tube
Boat Ramco
LOT Boat
Quartz G.D.P
Shower Plate