Ethics Management

For A Better World

Code of Ethics

Preamble Since incorporation, Worldex is a leading company in the development of high-tech industries based on
“Core Manufacturing Technology” of semiconductors including Silicon Parts.

We will endlessly strive to become World’s No.1
by implementing challenging actions without fear of failure with dreams of lively imaginations.

Moreover, we will create an outstanding company by establishing and practicing “Worldex Ethical Management Regulations” to create a sound and transparent environment,
by cultivating moral talent, and by fulfilling our social and moral responsibilities.
Ultimately, we pledge to leap forward and realize a World-Class company.

Chapter 1: Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers

Consider customer satisfaction and emotional fulfillment as the foremost value and set this as the standard for all conduct.

Remember that customers are the foundation of company profit and growth, and secure infinite trust of customers by providing the best products and services that meet customers’ needs and expectations.

Actively accept customer complaints and suggestions and establish transparent and effective procedures for resolving civil complaints and disputes.

Provide only the truth and fulfill agreements to customers.

Never disclose customer-related information without prior consent, nor use such information for any purposes other than originally intended.

Chapter 2: Responsibilities and Obligations to the Shareholders

Strive sincerely to maximize shareholder profits by accomplishing healthy growth through efficient management.

Respect shareholders’ right to know, fair demands and formal decisions, and secure a transparent management system and grant equal voting rights to all shareholders.

Record and manage financial status in accordance with international accounting standards for transparent and reliable accounting, and regularly disclose such information.

Establish risk management systems and internal control systems to ensure efficient and reasonable investment and management.

Respect fair demands of shareholders and actively protect shareholders’ rights and investment value.

Conduct active corporate public relations and IR activities to obtain market assessments that correspond to its corporate value.

Preserve, protect, and increase shareholder assets, and protect revenues in good faith.

Chapter 3: Responsibilities and Obligations to the Staffs and Executives

Recognize dignity and value of each employee as a human being and respect each other’s basic rights and personality.

Create a refreshing work environment where work can achieve pride and reward, take appropriate measures to ensure health and safety in the performance of work, and actively strive to improve quality of life.

Implement various human resources systems and educational programs based on the belief that talent is the source of all values and creative existence so that aptitude of each individual may be respected and lead to growth of talented personnel with expertise and core competencies.

Unfair treatment in personnel management system such as employment, promotion, evaluation, etc. shall not be exercised based on gender, education, religion, school of origin, physical disability, marital status etc.

Inspire motivation through fair evaluation and reasonable rewards for individual abilities and performance.

Regularly provide information so that management performance can be properly understood.

Chapter 4: Responsibilities and Obligations to the Local Society and Nation

Respect social values, conventions and cultures and actively strive for sound cultural integration.

Exert best efforts to prevent and improve environmental pollution in order to protect nature and natural resources at home and abroad and to preserve a clean environment, and to comply with all laws related to environmental protection.

Comply with domestic and international agreements and laws for establishing fair trade.

Faithfully perform tax and various duties imposed by local communities such as national and local organizations.

Humbly accept and exert best efforts to resolve legitimate demands of all social standings and residents.

Chapter 5: Fundamental Ethics of Staffs and Executives

1. Fundamental Ethics

All executives and staff shall take pride as a member of Worldex, and always work with integrity and diligence.

Sympathize with the corporate philosophy and policy and apply as foremost principle in performance of duties.

Always strive to maintain personal dignity and company honor with highest ethical values.

2. Fair Performance of Duties

All executives and staff shall perform their duties in a fair and faithful manner, and always strive to create a sound and transparent corporate culture.

Protect company assets, intellectual property and trade secrets, and never use company assets for private purposes under any circumstances.

Engagement in any illegal actions is prohibited, including but not limited to embezzlement, professional negligence, receipt of bribe or money. If there is a conflict of interest between the company and the individual during the performance of business, the company’s interest shall be given priority.

Engagement in unethical or illegal behavior that may be confronted by society in relation to daily life or work is prohibited.

False or exaggerated reports for the benefit of any individual or department and concealment or monopolizing of important information is prohibited.

Gifts shall not exceed certain level of value and limitation acceptable by conventions. Related laws of each country shall be complied. Whenever in doubt, obtain company’s prior approval.

In order to eliminate possibility of potential conflict with the company’s interest, all executives and staff members know and comply that the company strictly prohibits engagement in other business (outside work).

3. Completion of Mission

All executives and staff must be clear about their job and role. Best efforts shall be exerted to meet company’s policies and goals.

All executives and staff shall promote effectiveness and efficiency of work through active cooperation and seamless communication between colleagues and departments and should not create barriers between departments.

All executives and staff must be aware of their rights and responsibilities and make decisions and act within them. In addition, they must nurture an attitude of responsibility for any problems that may occur.

4. Self-development

All executives and staff shall establish their own desirable standards in this globally competitive era and strive to cultivate personal competitiveness through continuous self-development.

All executives and staff shall cultivate experience and practice to be successful in the individual’s field. Also, contribute to the company’s development by sharing and teaching know-hows with team members and juniors.

5. Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Workplace

All executives and staff shall recognize that sexual harassment not only violates human rights and impairs the atmosphere of the workplace, but also acts in violation of the law, resulting in loss of labor motivation and lower productivity. Thus, engagement in such actions is strictly prohibited.

6. Information and Security Management

Leakage or disclosure of any information that requires security, such as company confidentiality, to the outside is prohibited without prior consent or approval.

Indicate the author’s name and security level of major documents and such documents shall not be leaked or disclosed to specific individuals or other companies.

Be sure to set a PC password and a screen saver password on each individual’s computer.

Do not use any illegal software in the company.

In case of obtaining information regarding competitors or other companies, it shall be obtained by ethically appropriate methods and in compliance with relevant laws and shall not be used for illegal activities.

7. Preventive Management for Safety and Hazards

All executives and staff shall strive to prevent safety accidents and immediately report and take action if a possibility of a safety accident is witnessed.

Comply with all applicable safety laws and strictly comply with safety rules under any circumstances.

8. Reporting of Cases in Violation of Ethical Management

Report violations of applicable laws or codes of ethics of others to administrators and it shall be done according to internal reporting procedures.