HR system

Grow With Worldex

Performance-oriented Human
Resources Management System

  • HR Evaluation
  • WDX operates a rational HR assessment system that is performance-oriented in line with profit pursuits.
    Evaluation results are used for capacity development, HR development and the compensation system.
  • Promotion
  • WDX operates a promotion system based on work-oriented performance.
    A performance system is used to assign higher-value duties and provide responsibility and authority accordingly to employees who generate more than a certain level of performance and demonstrate competence in their current position according to job performance and development.
  • HR Development
  • Through a company-wide training course, WDX continuously improves its employees’ performance and qualities through a curriculum that is linked to company strategic objectives and core values that are appropriate for each position.
  • Compensation and Welfare Benefits
  • WDX implements a performance compensation and rewards system for employees to voluntarily devote themselves to work,
    and various benefit programs to ensure work & life balance.